About Buckswood

We moved to Orwell and purchased our home in 1985 and began hosting guests in 1991 Over those years we have met many wonderful people, some we can count as friends today

After spending an afternoon at the town clerk's office, we were able to trace the house back to 1814. It could be older, but town records got a bit vague and 1814 is old enough for us.

The house being that old has many quirks and interesting features such as: doors and frames painted in a medium called graining. This is done with a comb and made to look like wood grain. You will find faces and figures incorporated in the graining. One door is signed and dated April 16, 1875. Three rooms have the original hand-hewn beams.

We offer two guest rooms, one with queen bed and one with king bed - both rooms have a private bath with a shower. There is a formal living room and a television room, a sunny spot in the dining room for reading or relaxing and a deck for enjoying the outdoors. Flower gardens that seem to do what they want rather than what I want and Bob's vegetable gardens that yield much more than we can handle. Close by are country dirt roads that are very enjoyable for a quiet walk or a bike ride.

A complete breakfast begins your day and dinner can be arranged by advance reservation.

Pets are accepted if they can keep their owners under control. We have an Airedale Terrier named Willa Rae who loves to have company.

Although we are small in the number of guest rooms, we like to believe we are large in hospitality. Most guests fit in like family and that is the way we like it and if the comments and cards we receive are any indication, that's the way they like it too.

We look forward to your visit with us
Bob & Linda Martin - Owners

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